Overall Wellness

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While fitness is important I believe overall wellness is too. This is mind, body and spirit. I know that’s a lot more hippie dippie than I thought it would sound, but oh well.

I moved in March 2012 for my job, which I see as the start to my first career. I moved to Massachusetts without knowing anyone or ever visiting the region. I had had a lot of changes in my life a few months prior to receiving the job offer. like a death in the family, receiving my graduate school acceptance letter and starting my physical health journey.

Looking back, I never really had time to deal with everything – it was like being on a roller coaster that never stopped. Because of this, I started seeing a counselor to help with the transition from being a student to a professional, being someone surrounded by friends to someone who was alone. Like many, I was and still am dealing with stress from family, work, friends and other personal aspects of life while trying to maintain my sanity.

While I don’t believe in religion, I do believe in doing things for good karma. I volunteer as much as I possibly can. While working as a fundraiser, I advised the student led gay-straight alliance at one of the schools I worked for. I volunteered for human rights advocacy organizations in my community. Now, as a student I’m involved in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and volunteer as much as I can through them including participating in a research project involving issues surrounding Worcester’s homeless population.

However, while I give a lot of energy away, I know there’s something missing that I need to do for myself.

This is where my wellness list comes in. Previously, this page consisted of a list that ranged from workouts to restaurants, but now I think it’s a good place to put my current goals. It’ll show you what I’m currently working on and it’ll be an easy way for me to remind myself what I’m setting out to accomplish.

Take a look at my list and think about yours. Health isn’t just about losing weight or maintaining it. It really is multidimensional.


  • Run more
  • Increase deadlift
  • Increase Squat


  • Meditate more
  • Write more
  • Continue to say ‘yes’ more