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Taking a Break from Health Coaching: Part 1 Going on “Vacation”

Reading Time: 4 minutes I have no problem planning a rest day when I create my own workout programming, but I’m terrible about taking a vacation day and completely detaching and essentially taking a rest day from normal life. I imagine there are many out there like me. We should get t-shirts and form a club. There have been […]


Reading Time: 6 minutes Perspective. Just like opinions, we all have one. There may be overlaps in our perspectives, but they’re all different. It doesn’t matter how well you describe what you see or feel, no one else will be able to fully get in your shoes and feel and see in the exact some way. There have been […]

You can react or you can respond

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s actually really weird sitting down and writing here. I’ve been holding a pen a lot more lately. Sometimes that would lead to the computer screen, but mostly it would stay in my notebook. This though – I’m writing this from my phone. I don’t do that often because I really do enjoy sitting down […]

Keep building doorways, and rooms, and houses

Reading Time: 3 minutes I like writing on the last day of the year. I like writing every day and while I haven’t blogged in almost a month, I’ve done more writing this month than I ever have. Like I’ve said before, start right now. Don’t wait for something whole. I know that a new day, new week, new […]

Chasing Real

Reading Time: 3 minutes How was work today? It’s really a small sentence and without any context it’s silly, pointless and small talk for most conversations. I’ve been a health coach for three years. I can’t believe it’s been that long and that short. Individually, I’ve worked with almost 100 women in that time. Since I started small group […]

Wellness Refocused Education: Defining healthy and Comparing Recipes

Reading Time: 6 minutes There are a lot of tips and suggestions about holiday eating, but what do you really believe will help you?

Have you ever asked yourself the hard questions to figure out why you fall into all or nothing thinking or allow yourself to guilt trip or defeat yourself by the choices your making?

It’s not always glamorous, but getting messy can really help.

Resetting Your Goals and Expectations for the Holiday Season

Reading Time: 4 minutes January came and went, and the spring flew by. Sometimes it feels as though we barely enjoyed summer and if you live in areas that experience extreme cold, it may already feel like fall disappeared. That’s how it feels in Massachusetts. Hoodie weather was about two weeks, give or take. The pellet stove has been […]

Getting Unstuck

Reading Time: 3 minutes That’s what I call it. When I feel I want to run away and leave reality behind for a few moments. The great escape. When I was kid, like little, I was terrible at reading. It was something I had to practice over and over and over. This is something that greatly influenced how I […]