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Episode 9: Rebecca (beccacarmenrose) Part 1

You want awkward, you want distracted – Rebecca and I have you covered. I started following her on her fitness account because she would should these bicep flex photos and her lifts and it just made me smile. The images made me feel like it was ok that I “selfied” hard. You could see how […]


Episode 2: Susan (susan.slimpossible)

Meet Susan. She’s a 40-something and my jaw dropped when she told me that. See, this is why knowing names and ages can be important – it gives some context. We talk about her job, my previous jobs, self-perception, the perception those have about us. We also talk about the energy we’re giving back and […]

The power of having a support system

No matter the task you’re taking on, there will be challenges of varying levels. This is a given, nothing is easy. When I started my weightloss journey, I didn’t have a support system or any one person who had verbalized that they believed in me. It was clear to me that to be successful, this […]