Food Sharing and a Recipe for Peanut Butter Protein Cheesecake

I love dessert and really I love food. My weightloss journey has been about how to fall in love with other foods and live my life with moderation so I don't feel deprived. That is why I will forever say that flexible dieting and macro counting have saved. I have counted calories and cut things … Continue reading Food Sharing and a Recipe for Peanut Butter Protein Cheesecake


Woah where did this week go?

Seriously? Has anyone else had to ask themselves this question today? Living in New England, many of us were able to celebrate Patriot's Day or Marathon Monday by not having to work. For me that meant getting to the gym early, heading home to get laundry and meal prep underway. I closed out the Monday … Continue reading Woah where did this week go?

New England Championships Photo Recap

I'm 6 days post show and I'm still in shock that I did it! I have almost made the decision to participate in 2 shows this coming spring! Bring on the heavy lifting, macro counting and sparkling bikinis! Here are some photos from my competition, commentary to come later 🙂

Friday’s goals

I've lost about 12 pounds in the first 35 days of this crazy adventure, and with 28 pounds to go and a little less than 16 weeks, I'm deciding to be a little daring. I've always relied heavily on cardio to shed pounds, but aside from my new Beachbody DVD set, I'm going to be … Continue reading Friday’s goals