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It wasn’t until after college that I ate seafood other than canned tuna as tuna salad. However, it wasn’t until a former student of mine and I met for sushi a few years ago that I started to really get adventurous with my seafood. There are still things I don’t like such as lobster – I know, blasphemous to many who are from New England. I had a bad batch of scallops that made me sick so I stay away from those too.

We will make seafood dishes every now and then, but as many people say financial barriers can make it hard to make healthier choices and that’s a huge reason why we limit the diversity in the seafood we have at home. When shrimp go on sale we will buy them and same with salmon burgers, fresh white fish and squid, but canned tuna is probably always going to be my go-to lean protein because it is more reasonably priced.

To help prevent meal burn out I try to keep diversity in my meal planning, but sometimes you can only have chicken so many ways before you decide it’s not what you want for lunch. Last week, while I was trying to figure out what I wanted for lunch that wasn’t chicken, I decide I could go for tuna, but I didn’t want a tuna sandwich or a tuna melt. I’ve had salmon burgers at a few restaurants in the area, not steaks, but a formed patty with spices and binding ingredients. I figured I could probably make a tuna burger if I looked hard enough.

tuna burger blog post


What You’ll Need

  • 1 can of tuna
  • 1 egg
  • 2T of flour
  • 1 tsp of seasoning blend of choice
  • Baking sheet
  • Cooking spray


  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Prep your baking sheet with a little cooking spray. You could also use olive oil.
  3. Drain a can of tuna and add to a small bowl. Break up tuna into smaller chunks.
  4. Add an egg and flour to tuna. Mix well. You may want to add the flour a little bit at a time so that it doesn’t poof out of the bowl.
  5. Add seasoning blend to tuna mixture. If you want want to use a seasoning blend, you can add salt, pepper and individual spices to your taste.
  6. Once mixed, take a flat spatula and move mixture to the middle of the bowl forming a circle. Slowly dump mixture to baking sheet and shape to a circular patty about half an inch thick. You can make one patty or two 2 ounce patties.
  7. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes. Patty will be crispy on the outside and cooked through on the inside.

I served mine on top of lettuce with onions, tomatoes and sriracha mayo. You can serve it on a bun or in a salad. There’s a place in town that makes an excellent broccoli slaw.

Well, damn, Now I’m hungry.

Macros for a 4 ounce patty: 4.5f | 10c | 28p

❤ Cristina




We’re starting over.

Happy Tuesday beautiful people. After a few years of writing, I needed to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. So my pages are set up the same, with the same information, but we have a new location and a new direction for this blog.

Let’s get started.

I’m a 20-something who gained a little too much weight college. Hello injuries! Two years ago I started to concentrate on getting my health back and shedding some pounds. I’m down about 70 pounds and I’m looking to lose another 30, but the scale is such a small portion of it for me. I was very thin in high school and even the first half of my college career, but I peaked at a size 24. I look back at pictures and I can’t believe I let that happen. NEVER AGAIN.

I’m down to a size 10, and the plan is an 8 by December 2014. I wouldn’t argue with a 6, but an 8 is the goal. I think it’s pretty reasonable because:

  • It’s one more size
  • It’s a 5″ loss in my hips and 3″ in my waist: Ultimately, an 8″ loss
  • It’s not unrealistic for the time-line or my body type
  • I’ve come this far, it’s not that much farther

My whole weightloss, fatness loss journey, I have made mini goals to accomplish to help me get to the bigger picture and I believe I wouldn’t have come this far without small goals. I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone, but I know it’s for the better. I still can’t quite overcome the weight room.

I switched to a mostly paleo lifestyle, but the past week would tell you otherwise. I believe in 80/20 because sushi and craft beer exist. However, so does sunflower butter, which tastes so much better than peanut butter. Yep, I said it you’ll live. I did a 30-day challenge in October to see if I could handle the lifestyle and I dropped 17 pounds in that time. Turns out I don’t eat a lot of things that aren’t paleo, except beer and pizza and possibly a few other things (cupcake, pie, cookies, do you see where I’m going with this?). I can live without pizza for the most part and I don’t really consume the other items on a daily basis. I also fell in love with some of the alternatives like zucchini pizza and banana caraway bread made with coconut flour. This is the lifestyle for me, which is what it is- not a diet.

I started working out more and I even picked up running last summer. I completed my first 5K in October and I’m signed up for two more for 2014. I started small group training a few weeks ago and Bikram last fall. I’m willing to try anything once, but I can’t hack CrossFit.

So that’s a little about me. Let’s move on.

Here’s the plan for the rest of the week:20140324-180102

Wednesday: Lunch Run- 2 miles (I feel like after my 5K Birthday run last week I can’t just go back to slacking)

Friday: Weights and Rowing (Spring is here and Summer is 88 days away, and the goal is killer shoulders)

Saturday: Hike with Kristy if the weather is good.

I need to break in the juicer this week. I haven’t given myself the appropriate amount of time to actually play with my new kitchen gadget. I’m completely ashamed that I haven’t made time because I also haven’t been making the time to make my meals either. This is just my own pure laziness, but you know sometimes nap time over rules cooking :]

I’m keeping tonight short and sweet so I can get my butt into the kitchen and make tomorrow’s lunch :] Let me know your thoughts and share this with your friends! You can also find me on Facebook.

❤ Cristina