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Traveling Man: We’re going hiking pt. 1

Reading Time: 5 minutes But I just can’t get this dreamin’ off me It feels good to sit down here. I’ve been dabbling on this post all week and I think that’s my plan, work on them bits at a time unless I have that spark in my fingers. But this one I definitely wanted to take my time. […]

Wellness Refocused Education: Breaking Down Cognitive Distortions

Reading Time: 6 minutes In psychology and in health coaching, there are thought patterns that can be identified that influence our decisions. These thought patterns are called cognitive distortions. In 2020, I presented on them twice, which helped me break down my own thought distortions and challenged me to consider how I talk about what I do as a […]

Wellness Refocused Education: How to journal

Reading Time: 5 minutes This is an odd post, but I think a necessary one. For me, writing is everything. I’ve been writing since high school. After dance, writing was an outlet that I felt comfortable it. While I continued to dance in my head after the weight gain, imaging turns and stomps – writing is something that I […]