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Shannon (liftinglawyer)

Meet Shannon. Just as her profile would suggest she’s a lawyer who lifts. She’s a hit the stage as a figure competitor and on the platform for power lifting as well. Over the past year, she left her job at a firm in Florida to start her own practice based out of Texas. You’ll learn […]


Coming Home Bikini Prep Series: Post 4 “Empowered or Degraded, That is the Question”

Today I got to practice my first rule: If you can’t be nice on my profile, I’m going to delete your comments and block you. That was liberating. So the comment was about how the person felt that “body shows” were degrading and didn’t understand how I could feel empowered by participating especially when the […]

Why I’m glad I started lifting and did it without a coach

When I decided I wanted to start lifting and prepping for a bikini competition I had no idea where to start. There’s so much information out there about what to eat and how to train; everyone had a different opinion. I think we all can agree that different opinions are good because it shows us […]