Wellness Refocused Coaching

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Free Consult

Training and health coaching include a free consult. This conversation is to talk about your goals and timeline as well as previous experiences and medical history. Cristina has experience collaborating with health practitioners like physical therapists, behavioral therapists and RD’s to assist clients in getting the best support possible.

Personal Training (Virtual + self-guided)

In-person sessions are 60-minutes. Workouts are designed with not only your goals and abilities in mind, but your equipment access. Virtual programming is designed for clients to perform on their own at home or at the gym. We will discuss and implement exercise modifications as necessary as well as provide you with resources to make modifications when you exercise on your own.

Health Coaching (Virtual)

Free Consult

All potential clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire that discusses short-term and long-term goals, external factors that are influential in their life and choices including, but not limited to: work, school, relationships and previous health history.

During our 1-hour meeting we will discuss the introduction questionnaire that you filled out.

The questionnaire will help me have a better understanding of your goals, give you an opportunity to think them through and provide us a space to ask follow up questions as necessary.

We will also discussion expectations of the client-coaching relationship from both sides as well as the coaching process.

If both of us feel that it’s appropriate to work together, coaching forms will be completed. For in-person clients invoices will be ready immediately and for online clients an invoice will be sent within 24 hours of the consult. For those in need, payment plans and financial reductions are available to be determined during the screening process.

8-Week 1:1 Health and Life Coaching with Weekly Virtual Face-to-Face Check-in

This comprehensive approach to health and life coaching includes face-to-face check-ins once a week with email and texting support in between check-ins as needed.

In the initial weeks, you will work with me to:

  • Develop your short-term and long-term goals
  • Develop your “why”
  • Determine personal definitions for success and failure to help create an environment for personal evaluation
  • Develop a timeline and action plan for your specific goals
  • Develop and implement organizational strategies to benchmark timeline

Throughout the 8 weeks, you will also be learning and becoming a partner in the process so you have a better understanding of how to create your healthy lifestyle. Concepts you will be involved in may include:

  • Basic nutritional education to understand macro nutrients, micro nutrients and calories specific to you
  • Understanding the differences between allergies and intolerances
  • How to determine the eating style that fits your lifestyle and how to be flexible with yourself
  • Individual strength training and cardiorespiratory programming that compliments your health goals
  • Learn how to define balance for yourself to include self-care concepts with professional growth, personal environment and external relationships
  • Create self-care and self-relationship development plan that aligns with your specific goals
  • “Homework” on an as needed basis to challenge client thinking and self-evaluation

8-Week 1:1 Health and Life Coaching with Weekly Email-Only Check-in

This approach to health and life coaching includes a comprehensive once a week email check-in along with texting support in between as needed. This communication method is for someone who finds they don’t need the accountability of a face-to-face conversation, but still needs assistance to create a lifestyle that supports their goals.

A coaching call scheduled for the 8th week to discuss progress up to this point and evaluate next steps.

Cristina has experience working with many different populations including men and women that are living with chronic health illnesses like diabetes as well as other physical and mental health issues. Many clients concurrently work with other providers for diagnosis and treatment along with health coaching.

Each client has a different purpose for health and life coaching, not all utilize coaching services for physical health.

Cristina can also be contacted via email at wellnessrefocused@gmail.com, please allow 1 to 2 business days for a response.

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