Communication Refocused Podcast

With a background in communication and a two careers that utilized how relationships develop and emotions drive behavior – I’m not surprised that I got here.

Blogging is my first love, but after a 15 month Instagram break that I had thought would be permanent, I decided that I needed to change my behavior if I had hoped that anyone else would change theirs – so the podcast was born.

But to rewind – it’s not a completely original idea. After a year of TedTalks and listening to other podcasts, I started to think about how I engage with the real world and how I wanted others to engage with me in the real world.

At the end of the day, we don’t know much more than the superficial posts we see on someone’s profile. They’ve carefully curated their pages to give us a side of their life. Maybe they’ve allowed parts to bleed together like the athlete who is also a parent or business person who also manages their own healthy routine, but for the most part the online persona is shallow.

Even on my page, and on this blog – there’s a lot that you still don’t know and probably will never understand…that’s ok, but…

If I want people to engage with me in a specific way like have a real conversation, then I have to reach out to them and set that expectation.

Communication Refocused allows me to engage with and learn about people that I find inspiring on Instagram. The conversations have gone in a number of directions, which has been eye-opening and pleasantly surprising.

The purpose of this podcast is to hear a conversation between two “strangers” evolve. In some calls you can hear the discomfort in the beginning and gradually hear the switch in how we engage with each other.

It’s been rewarding and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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