I never know if I should write in the first person or the third person. I guess I think it’s more personal if I say I.

I changed my life. I changed careers. I want to help others. I am a health and lifestyle coach.

You can check out my About to learn more about my story – you can also dig through the blog. But over the course of five years, I took control of my life and my health. It wasn’t perfect and it still isn’t perfect, but I figured out what my goals were in the moment and how I could obtain those goals.

I took other aspects of my life into consideration, and tried to be more analytical about the factors I could and couldn’t control. As my goals evolved and became more defined and so did my methods. I pulled in other professionals when necessary. I’ve talked with my primary doctor and learned where what his abilities were to help me and where they stalled. I’ve work with behavioral therapists and still do. I also never stopped learning or working towards the bigger picture, even if the smaller benchmarks changed.

I have a master’s in nonprofit management from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in public relations and journalism from Utica College – both programs required stringent deadlines, planning and analysis of work. Professionally, I worked in higher education fundraising for medium sized, private Universities assisting in the development of fundraising strategies and implementation to reach the overall goal for those organizations. I have recruited and trained volunteers to be able to goal set, benchmark and analyze data, and develop strategic plans using resources available to be successful toward their overall goals.

These skills from my professional experience and my personal experience with my own health journey prepare me to assist in helping create your plan; your strategy to be successful to reach your short term and long-term goals.

Currently, I’m CPR certified through the American Red Cross and I graduated in May with my associate’s degree in public health with highest honors.

Public health not only utilizes science to discuss health problems, but it looks at the psychological and sociological cause and effect of health in today’s society. It’s because of this combination that I chose this degree. It’s exactly how I approach health coaching. I ask my clients and encourage them to consider: how the world impacts them and how they impact the world around them.

Health coaching is about behavior change that is lasting to create a healthy lifestyle – it’s not just about eating healthy or just working out. Anyone can tell you what to eat, when to eat and what exercises to execute, but no one can make you do it – no one can put the work in for you.

My approach helps you examine your relationships and current lifestyle drivers as you get on your path for a healthier life.

Outside of coaching, I’m is a project coordinator for a global health team at a medical school seeking to help implement public health strategies in Liberia post-Ebola outbreak. My role heavily utilizes her management and communication background and allows me to exercise my interests in health communication and research as well as sociology.