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Meet Your Team: Registered Nurse and Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation Specialist

I find it interesting that everyone that I’ve spoken to in health – whether it’s healthcare or fitness acknowledges how a small exposure triggered a new direction or an additional path in their work. Like any profession, many are drawn to their work by passion, but experience sucks you in and in some cases makes […]

Meet Your Team: Licensed Professional Counselor

Behavioral health is health, and while I think we know that, I don’t think we know that. It’s often pushed aside and I really do believe it’s because many of us downplay our emotions. We tell ourselves “well, someone else has it worse, I’m making a big deal for no reason.” That may be true, […]

Meet Your Team: The Health Educator

Health education can be a broad term. Many of my clients would say that I’m a health educator because of the information we discuss, but in this context, we’re talking about the person shapes the minds of our future health workforce. The professor. As students, we don’t think much about the faculty outside of the […]

Meet Your Team: An Introduction and the Registered Nurse

Health is complex. I hope at this point regardless of where you are in your journey or in your journey following me, you’ve seen from others and yourself that health is complex. Complex isn’t bad, but it means that we need to have a team on our side. Everyone’s team will look different and that’s […]