Face to Face Friday

Who knew that was the girl that was inside all along? ❤️ Cristina


Pic-spiration: Do what you say you’re going to do.

I hit the gym quite early this morning, but some days I feel that dragging my butt out of bed on a Monday morning is completely necessary to start the week off right. You can want to change all you want, but if you don't make an effort nothing will ever happen. Happy Monday! ❤️Cristina

#100happydays: my career

Day 9: my career. While there are days I can't believe I work in development and some days I don't think I can hack it, there are days like today when my students meet the goals set before them that make me love what I do. #philanthropy #100happydays #happinessdoesntcomeinajar #payforward #giveback