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This Above All: Pull Happiness From Everywhere

Reading Time: 4 minutes This week my manager and I were talking about my weightloss journey. He’s bulking and I’m cutting again. There’s also another employee who’s cutting for figure. We work at a supplement store so I assumed it would be common practice for the employees to be this way. I showed him a transformation photo. Actually, I […]

This Above All: #6 “Celebrate Everyday”

Reading Time: 4 minutes Yesterday I started writing this and it did start out like this: It’s Sunday and I’m taking a break from planning my week. JP isn’t home and it’s easy to sit down and write without distraction. Then JP came home and I was easily distracted by grocery shopping, making dinner and preparing my meals for […]

This Above All: A New Direction Toward Something Bigger

Reading Time: 3 minutes The last 79 days of 2016 were nothing like I had imagined or could’ve planned for. I was forced to face triggers that I thought I had been handling just fine. And I was up until September, but they surfaced in different ways. It’s one thing to question your ability – I’m Type A, I […]