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COVID Poem: C19 – Bingo!

Reading Time: 4 minutes I guess, I’ll share a poem because that’s the easiest way I can get words onto the screen today. C19 – Bingo! Dear loved one Dear little girl Dear letters Dear change Dear hope Dear tears Dear structure Dear mountains Dear – anxiety I wake up thinking it’s been a bad dream I know that […]

Thank you.

Reading Time: 2 minutes 8 letters. 2 words. More than 1 meaning, depending on who you ask. For me: I’m thankful for you and this action/your words/your light or I’m uncomfortable and I don’t know what to say, this just seems like the best alternative to silence. As I am going through this new phase of life, I’m finding […]

Give me your hand

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve thought about how I want to write this post for a few weeks, and the truth is I do and I don’t want to write it. I think we can all agree that change is hard. It’s exciting, but it’s hard. The excitement doesn’t have to negate the hard. Positive and negative ideas are […]