Tips for Getting Through Social Eating

In a perfect world it would be easy to say "this is one meal, I'm going to enjoy it," but in the United States about two-thirds of adult Americans are considered overweight or obese and about half of adult Americans are trying to lose weight at any given time (CDC, 2018). This time of the … Continue reading Tips for Getting Through Social Eating


Are you even ready?

Here's the blog post to pair with the video on the stages of change model. It's a bit more detailed about the initial studies that lead to the development of the model. I highlight some of the findings that DiClemente and Prochaska had even though the initial samples were small. As a coach , I want my client to succeed, but that also means that we need to be honest when looking at their over goals, where they are currently in their life and what they're willing to invest in making change. Not everyone is ready for big change, hell, not everyone is ready for small change either - change is scary, but scary doesn't mean impossible. You just need to give yourself time.

Measuring With Experience

We all talk about the importance of enjoying the ride. Enjoying the journey as you develop and accomplish goals and figure out how to create some kind of balance in your life. It's not a 50/50 balance I'm seeking and I think most of you will agree that you're not looking for that either, but some days 60/40 feels equal or 25/75 gives relief.