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Context is key: dieting and lifestyle change

I get kind of pissed about the conversations I see online about diet and weight loss and size. These conversations are coming from all kinds of people – not just those in the health and fitness industries. What makes me pissed or frustrated is the lack of context and the blanket statements. Rarely, do “conversations” […]


It’s not just a cup of coffee

When Shannon said she wanted us to do something nice for ourselves and tell her about it, I don’t think she had this in mind. Shannon or @liftinglawyer turned 31 yesterday. Her only request was to be selfish and do something just for you and then tell her about it. I know it’s an odd […]

Great escape

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed I start to think what would happen if I ran away. What would happen if we packed our bags and just got on a plane and left everything behind?  How happy could that be?  How relieving could that be? How long could those feelings last? I buckled down on studying […]

Magic can’t be dumped on you

There’s no magic. It feels sad just writing that, but I think we need to have a conversation about what magic really is. I think many of us imagine magic to be a pill or a drink. It’s the fairy dust that Fairy Godmother sprinkled on Cinderella that turned her rags into a ball gown. […]

How I organize my grocery shopping + food staples

Going to the grocery store used to freak me out a bit. Prior to overhauling my eating – and to be honest, that’s really what it was in the beginning, I had no issues going in and going up and down every aisle. I would grab what looked tasty or was cheap. Shifting my eating […]

You can’t make a new you fit an old routine

Recently while I was talking to a client, I said to her that it sounds like you’re trying to take a new you and make it fit an old routine. Not those exact words, we all know I don’t talk that concisely – but that was the gist. The weather changes with the seasons and […]

Finding Joy

Happiness seems like something we’re always chasing. I’ve said I just want to be happy as though I’m not in a current state of happiness. I’ve never thought about it before. The other day I was listening back through a few podcast episodes from Ted Radio Hour and I came across one called Where Joy […]

Why you can’t embrace yourself

Be you. Love you. Embrace you. ‘We’ – and I’m going to lump myself in there – we tell you that you should try to love yourself through the bullshit and through the noise. We even acknowledge that it can be difficult to do so. I know I’m not perfect, and it can be hard […]