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Kari (iamkari_ann)

Meet Kari.

Listening to this talk all over again got me thinking – all of the talks do, but this one pushed a button.

We talked about social media use, competing and the transition from competing. There’s some other things sprinkles in there too.


Camille (honestlanguage)

Camille owns the Canadian clothing company, Honest Language. It’s her grind by night and by day she does accounting, but if you catch her at just the right moment, you’ll learn that her day job sometimes creeps into weekend nights. We talked primarily about mental health and how that led her to starting her company […]

Allison (wellnesswithAlly)

Meet Allison. Some know her as Ally from wellnesswithally, but she actually goes by Allison. She’s a 30-something a holistic health and nutrition coach who is studying functional medicine. She comes from a background of personal training and has experience with bodybuilding, but says that health and fitness have evolved and become something else for […]