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Flexible dieting and prep life: alcohol, cupcakes and Birchtree oh my!

Reading Time: 4 minutes My competition preps have always been flexible, in fact, I started flexible dieting when I started bodybuilding and prepping to compete two years ago. My first prep while macro counting had a cleaner focus because that’s what I thought I needed. My clean focus also meant that I had a dry prep; I’d rather eat […]

One week out/first week of reverse dieting 

Reading Time: 8 minutes To celebrate the ending of prep, I went to brunch on Sunday with my boyfriend and got the most amazing pancakes ever – Blueberry Pecan and Mascarpone. I went with a large stack because YOLO and I ate the whole stack – no regrets! I did get egg whites on the side because protein is […]

The biggest impact this season had on me mentally came…

Reading Time: 4 minutes …from the opportunity it created for me to trust someone else’s guidance. I think many of us can agree that we are skeptical of advice at times and if we haven’t done the research ourselves we can be hesitant to follow through or listen fully. I started working with Alaina Sanders in October 2015 knowing […]

How this competition season was different than the last time

Reading Time: 7 minutes Getting ready for the Jay Cutler Classic this season was very different than getting ready for the New England Championship in November 2014. Here are some of the obvious reasons: This time I had a coach. Coaches can be a big investment, both financially and mentally. Not only are you paying for someone’s expertise, but […]

Reflection: My weightloss journey, prep and what I’ve learned

Reading Time: 12 minutes I’ve been doing this weightloss thing for over four years now, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about science and nutrition, I’ve learned about weight lifting and endurance, I’ve learned about myself and more importantly, how what you’re doing can attract both positive and negative people. The past few days I’ve gotten a lot […]