Finding the balance of physical and mental health through adventures and fitness

While fitness is important I believe overall wellness is too. This is mind, body and spirit.

I moved in March 2012 for my job, which I see as the start to my career. I moved here without knowing anyone or ever visiting the region. I had had a lot of changes in my life a few months prior to receiving the job offer. I never really had time to deal with everything, it was like being on a roller coaster that never stopped. Because of this I started seeing a counselor to help with the transition from being a student to a professional, being someone surrounded by friends to someone who’s alone. Like many, I’ve been dealing with stress from family, work, friends and other personal aspects of life while trying to maintain my sanity.

I was a twig who danced competitively in high school, cheered freshman and sophomore of college and then blimped out about 100 pounds. That’s not healthy and it’s not a way to live. There was so much I couldn’t do, and I was always in sweatpants. I felt uncomfortable in my body, but what was worse, was how I used to think I was fat when I was thin. I will never think negatively like that about my body again.

I got on the right track by doing a “butts, guts and thighs” class at a studio where I was living in New York. I had met a girl named Melissa on Twitter who was on the local roller derby team and she encouraged me to try the class with her. I loved it and dropped about 15 pounds. I started going to zumba class and working out at the gym. Something was better than nothing. I’m eating a lot better than I was a year ago, and way better than I did in college. I’m running and I didn’t think I’d be able to do that because I really hadn’t since high school.

While I don’t really believe in religion, I do believe in doing things for good karma. I volunteer as much as I possibly can. Aside from my role at work, I advise the student led gay-straight alliance. I volunteer for human rights advocacy organizations I’m also looking to get more involved in the my community. However, I know there’s something missing. Something that I truly want to do for myself.

This is where my wellness list comes in. It’s going to consist of everything from workouts I want to try to places I need to see and restaurants I need eat at. I definitely want help with my list so comment and let me know what you think should be added.

Below my wellness list is a list of places I’ve visited in my travels that I think you may want to try during yours.

My Wellness List

  • Visit Salem, MA
  • Run a 5K:Accomplished October ’13
  • Try Bikram Yoga-Accomplished October ’13
  • Go to the Boston Tree Lighting Ceremony for Christmas Accomplished November 2015
  • Hike Purgatory Chasm
  • Climb Mt. Monadnock
  • Go camping in the Adirondacks
  • Get down to a size 12 by December ’13: Accomplished October ’13
  • Kiss someone under a mistletoe: Accomplished January ’15
  • Learn a language
  • Go to the Boston Opera House
  • Go to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party: Accomplished December ’13
  • Get down to a size 8: Accomplished July ’14
  • Eat at the Boston Burger Company in Boston
  • Run the Boilermaker 5K
  • Visit Cape Cod: Accomplished May ’14
  • Take a pole dancing class
  • Go to a bull riding competition
  • Go line dancing: Accomplished March ’14
  • Get my mile under 10 minutes: Accomplished May ’14
  • Get a New Year’s Eve kiss at midnight: Accomplished January ’15
  • Go to a drive in movie theatre
  • Visit Canada
  • Go on a Sam Adams Brewery Brew Tour, Boston: Accomplished January ’15
  • Go on a wine tour
  • Have my palm read
  • Walk around the Boston Common Park: Accomplished February 2016
  • Go to a bonfire: Accomplished July ’15
  • Meet other fellow social media personalities: Accomplished all the time
  • Compete in the Cutler Classic in Boston: Accomplished April 2016
  • Squat 125 lbs: Accomplished December ’15

This page pre-dates 3-25-2014

When traveling: food I’ve tried

When in Massachusetts

When in Florida

When in Washington, DC

When in New York City


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