Rebecca (beccacarmenrose) Part 1

You want awkward, you want distracted – Rebecca and I have you covered.

I started following her on her fitness account because she would should these bicep flex photos and her lifts and it just made me smile. The images made me feel like it was ok that I “selfied” hard. You could see how proud she was and is of what she’s accomplished – that’s why I think it’s important to take photos even when everyone is watching. As I continued to follow her I started to realize how much mental health meant to her too, and that sucked me in.

A computer died during the call, so there’s a part 1 and a part 2.

We jumped around from her day job at a junior high where she claims she blends in to PR’s in the gym to Christmas snacks and cookies because that’s when we talked to the lights shaped like a tree on her wall to her trip to Kane’s Donuts.

There were awkward moments and I felt them, she felt them, we’ve talked about them. It got me thinking that I need to put myself in these situations more because I’m clearly terrible when they come around.