Month: February 2019

Is that healthy?

There’s an intersection, however, where our “what’s healthy” meets misconception and departs down an extreme path.

most foods aren’t inherently unhealthy, but sometimes the concern is what else is being paired with the food, so let’s look at how you make French toast.


Kari (iamkari_ann)

Meet Kari.

Listening to this talk all over again got me thinking – all of the talks do, but this one pushed a button.

We talked about social media use, competing and the transition from competing. There’s some other things sprinkles in there too.

Weight of words

Words are such a tricky thing. We say actions speak louder than words, but I feel like sometimes we hold onto words more tightly. They may be quieter, but they linger. I think about words often. The ones I say to myself. The ones I say loudly, the ones I say quietly. The ones I […]

Context is key: dieting and lifestyle change

I get kind of pissed about the conversations I see online about diet and weight loss and size. These conversations are coming from all kinds of people – not just those in the health and fitness industries. What makes me pissed or frustrated is the lack of context and the blanket statements. Rarely, do “conversations” […]

It’s not just a cup of coffee

When Shannon said she wanted us to do something nice for ourselves and tell her about it, I don’t think she had this in mind. Shannon or @liftinglawyer turned 31 yesterday. Her only request was to be selfish and do something just for you and then tell her about it. I know it’s an odd […]

Great escape

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed I start to think what would happen if I ran away. What would happen if we packed our bags and just got on a plane and left everything behind?  How happy could that be?  How relieving could that be? How long could those feelings last? I buckled down on studying […]

Magic can’t be dumped on you

There’s no magic. It feels sad just writing that, but I think we need to have a conversation about what magic really is. I think many of us imagine magic to be a pill or a drink. It’s the fairy dust that Fairy Godmother sprinkled on Cinderella that turned her rags into a ball gown. […]