Month: January 2019

Episode 4: Kristina (ellipticalifragilistic)

Meet Kristina – with a K. Behind the awesome eyebrows and weightloss story is a 27 year-old who is looking for a job in forensic linguistics. Sadly, it’s not like CSI per say. From make up to hair to weightloss to jobs and parents poor naming skills, it’s a good time for these Cristina/Kristina(s) to […]


Episode 3: Allison (wellnesswithAlly)

Meet Allison. Some know her as Ally from wellnesswithally, but she actually goes by Allison. She’s a 30-something a holistic health and nutrition coach who is studying functional medicine. She comes from a background of personal training and has experience with bodybuilding, but says that health and fitness have evolved and become something else for […]

I wish I could pinpoint it

Today was the first day that my stomach wasn’t in my throat. That’s kind of weird to say, but that’s how it felt. I had therapy on Friday because I go once month. I know I’ve explained before that I’ve gone since I was a kid for a number of reasons and as for this […]

Episode 2: Susan (susan.slimpossible)

Meet Susan. She’s a 40-something and my jaw dropped when she told me that. See, this is why knowing names and ages can be important – it gives some context. We talk about her job, my previous jobs, self-perception, the perception those have about us. We also talk about the energy we’re giving back and […]