Month: January 2019

Good. Better. Best.

Good. Better. Best. Or something like that. I don’t know how I feel about ‘best self’. To me it feels finite. I started thinking about my ‘better self’ a few years ago. I thought I could be a bit better each day and therefore allow for growth. I thought if I said I was working […]


Camille (honestlanguage)

Camille owns the Canadian clothing company, Honest Language. It’s her grind by night and by day she does accounting, but if you catch her at just the right moment, you’ll learn that her day job sometimes creeps into weekend nights. We talked primarily about mental health and how that led her to starting her company […]

You can’t make a new you fit an old routine

Recently while I was talking to a client, I said to her that it sounds like you’re trying to take a new you and make it fit an old routine. Not those exact words, we all know I don’t talk that concisely – but that was the gist. The weather changes with the seasons and […]

Finding Joy

Happiness seems like something we’re always chasing. I’ve said I just want to be happy as though I’m not in a current state of happiness. I’ve never thought about it before. The other day I was listening back through a few podcast episodes from Ted Radio Hour and I came across one called Where Joy […]

Why you can’t embrace yourself

Be you. Love you. Embrace you. ‘We’ – and I’m going to lump myself in there – we tell you that you should try to love yourself through the bullshit and through the noise. We even acknowledge that it can be difficult to do so. I know I’m not perfect, and it can be hard […]

Allison (wellnesswithAlly)

Meet Allison. Some know her as Ally from wellnesswithally, but she actually goes by Allison. She’s a 30-something a holistic health and nutrition coach who is studying functional medicine. She comes from a background of personal training and has experience with bodybuilding, but says that health and fitness have evolved and become something else for […]