Month: January 2019

Good. Better. Best.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good. Better. Best. Or something like that. I don’t know how I feel about ‘best self’. To me it feels finite. I started thinking about my ‘better self’ a few years ago. I thought I could be a bit better each day and therefore allow for growth. I thought if I said I was working […]

Finding Joy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Happiness seems like something we’re always chasing. I’ve said I just want to be happy as though I’m not in a current state of happiness. I’ve never thought about it before. The other day I was listening back through a few podcast episodes from Ted Radio Hour and I came across one called Where Joy […]

Why you can’t embrace yourself

Reading Time: 4 minutes Be you. Love you. Embrace you. ‘We’ – and I’m going to lump myself in there – we tell you that you should try to love yourself through the bullshit and through the noise. We even acknowledge that it can be difficult to do so. I know I’m not perfect, and it can be hard […]

Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Spread (~4 servings)

Reading Time: 3 minutes A friend of mine is doing Whole 30 because she has some concerns digestively. I have nothing against an elimination diet when used appropriately. There are other diets like FODMAP that eliminate a kind of food and have an introductory period to help the individual determine what foods may or may not be leading to […]

I wish I could pinpoint it

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today was the first day that my stomach wasn’t in my throat. That’s kind of weird to say, but that’s how it felt. I had therapy on Friday because I go once month. I know I’ve explained before that I’ve gone since I was a kid for a number of reasons and as for this […]