Month: June 2018

Day 179, Quote 17: “You’re halfway there”

This week has been good. It’s been weird, but good. I dusted off my dresses and found the rest of my bobby pins – this is what got me mentally in the game. It was nice to have a break from sheath dresses, heels and shaking hands, but I’ve been ready for that break to […]

Day 174, Quote 16: “I just don’t know”

What is good enough? At what point does being proud of yourself matter more than the pride others project onto you? I just don’t know. Me neither. I’ve been thinking about this post for a really long time, but it took a first check-in with a new client to decide to say yes and write […]

Day 153 :Movie Quote 13: “Almost There”

It’s officially June and I honestly don’t know how we got here so fast. Five months have never escaped my grasp so quickly. Are you feeling that way at all? As I think about where the time went, I’m trying harder to look forward and think about all the time left. We can’t control how […]