Year: 2017

Take That Jump: Let’s Define: Success, Failure and Fear

Reading Time: 6 minutes Let’s define success. We define our perfect world all the time, but is that what success actually looks like? Is that what success would feel like? Perfection? For some, success means working out five days a week and eating on track every day. For others, it means being on time or early to everything they […]

Take That Jump: Some relationships are finite

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had a realization on Wednesday and it’s a big one. It’s one I wish I had sooner. I like my body a lot more now that I’m not sharing it with 35,000 people. I enjoy sharing my story, I think it can show others that great things are possible. That small things are possible. […]

This Above All: I Did This

Reading Time: 8 minutes 5 shows. 4 suits. 3 seasons. 2 pairs of heels. 1 goal. just be better. Just getting healthy means hours in the gym. As a competitor hours in the gym are strategic and meticulously planned. I’ve lifted millions of pounds since June 2014. I’ve also lost 50 pounds. I’ve consumed more asparagus than any normal […]

This Above All: Relativity

Reading Time: 4 minutes This week I had a few realizations. It’s nothing ground breaking and it’s something that we all say. It’s stuff that I say all the time, but I don’t necessarily listen to clearly. happiness is relative. it means something different for everyone. Something I’ve been struggling with the past few weeks since Connecticut is owning […]

This Above All: Everyone Knows The Rules

Reading Time: 4 minutes JP introduced me to Barstool Sports a few years ago when we first started dating. The content they create ranges – widely ranges. However, one thing that has stuck with us is a segment that El Pres does often called The One Bite. As you imagine from the title he takes a bite and does […]

This Above All: Every Day Life v. The Emotional Mind

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’ve talked about my own experience with binge eating disorder before. I talked about it in the fall when it was triggered by PTSD. oh there she goes again. Remember, you can always stop reading or stop following. Anyway, moving on. Eating disorders have huge gray area, but I don’t think many people realize that. […]

This Above All: It Still Hasn’t Hit Me

Reading Time: 6 minutes And it honestly might not for some time. Every day since Saturday, JP has said “hey babe, look, you have trophies. No one came and took them away.” I know why he’s saying this and I do appreciate it, but at the same time, I feel indifferent. I had a lot of excitement for Saturday’s […]