Month: May 2017

Recipe: Banana Peanut Butter French Toast

We’ve been having a little fun with some food, while being mindful to not be too big of assholes. I still enjoy eating healthy, but we’re being a little more flexible with our breakfasts and making them a little bigger…especially on lab days where I can’t bring food into the room because #dissection. What You’ll […]


Take That Jump: Some relationships are finite

I had a realization on Wednesday and it’s a big one. It’s one I wish I had sooner. I like my body a lot more now that I’m not sharing it with 35,000 people. I enjoy sharing my story, I think it can show others that great things are possible. That small things are possible. […]

This Above All: I Did This

5 shows. 4 suits. 3 seasons. 2 pairs of heels. 1 goal. just be better. Just getting healthy means hours in the gym. As a competitor hours in the gym are strategic and meticulously planned. I’ve lifted millions of pounds since June 2014. I’ve also lost 50 pounds. I’ve consumed more asparagus than any normal […]