Month: October 2016

It’s Your Turn Series: Post 1 “Learning to be Loved”

Reading Time: 3 minutes I asked you to reach back to me with your own stories of how mental health impacts you in your daily life. Some of you have told me about childhood abuse, self mutilation as a way to cope, Post-Pardum Depression and body dysmorphia. There are so many more stories and just like some of you […]

You Are Enough Blog Series: Post 2 “I Know This Is Going to Make Me Uncomfortable”

Reading Time: 6 minutes The past few days have been weird. Friday I didn’t know what to do with myself. I guess that’s normal though. We cleaned and unpacked more boxes. I moved into the apartment in July quickly after my surgery when I had just gone back to work. JP moved in at the beginning of September. So […]

You Are Enough Blog Series: Post 1 “It’s Time to Rediscover”

Reading Time: 4 minutes This is the start of something new. Not just because this is a new blog series, but because this the start of the next six weeks. About a month ago, a series of triggers set off the bomb in my brain that caused my roller coaster to stop climbing to the top, but immediately drop […]