Sarah Lynn Fitness Cookie Challenge: Snickerdoodle 

We’re going to call this the pizookie that saved lives. This is the 7th cookie in my cookie challenge and probably one I’ve been looking forward to the most. From all my other food posts, you notice that I use cinnamon a lot to sweeten and spice things up. When I saw that the snickerdoodle was a part of the cookie family in this book, I knew that I was going to have the chance to play with ALL my favorites.

This past weekend we had a family party to go to and I know what that means: food and dessert to feed a small army. Aside from my prep friendly lunch that I packed, I decided to pack my own dessert. I’ve already skipped the macaroon, and my heart breaks that I went out of order with that, so I was excited that the snickerdoodle was low in fat for the WHOLE recipe and that the carbs and protein were reasonably ratioed because I had one thought in mind: pizookie.

Have you ever been to Uno’s Chicago Grill? Or Applebee’s? The pizookie is a deep dish (of sorts) cookie that is served often warm and with ice cream. I asked JP if ice cream would be available – it wasn’t so I had to think of a plan, but first baking the pizookie!

Usually I make 2 huge cookies, but if you’re weird like me, there’s a chance you have a mini ramekin or pie pan. I have a 6 inch pie pan that makes mini desserts or stuffed peppers very easily.

Notes on this recipe:

  • I used bourbon barrel maple syrup instead of regular because again, I’m a weirdo and have crazy things in the house. This adds a little bit of a oaky taste to the cookie, but it doesn’t smack you in the face. If your concerned about sugars from the syrup, I’m sure you could do half maple and half sugar free – I would NEVER suggest completely changing out the syrup because I think it adds something to the cookie and it would be a disservice to the recipe to alter it too much.
  • I used unsweetened cashew milk because it’s what I had on hand. I also added a tiny bit more than suggested because the dough was very crumbly and I wanted to be able to form the cookie in my pan.
  • Like many of the other recipes, I used cookie dough whey, but attempted to shake out the “chip bits” that make it more cookie dough like so I wouldn’t have crunchy boys through my cookie.
  • I added pumpkin sugar – think cinnamon sugar, but pumpkin pie spices, to the top instead of just sweetener and cinnamon. Yes, it’s a jar I bought – it’s fabulous.
  • I baked the cookie a little longer so the edges would be crispy, this didn’t effect the softness of the center.

Sarah did have a recipe for a frosting to use, but I also have a few that I use when I bake so I thought I would mix my own pizzazz to her cookie. I used a protein frosting recipe that you can find here. I also took a knife and drizzled apple crisp P28 Foods peanut butter on top to tie in the flavors.

Macros for pizookie: 7.8F/35.4C/8P

Macros including toppings: 8.7F/37.8C/12.7P

<3 Cristina


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