Sarah Lynn Fitness Cookie Challenge: Almond Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip 

Yep. She did it. Sarah threw three cookies into one. You know what, I ain’t mad.

This is the fourth cookie in my challenge and after a chocolate cookie, this was perfect. Filed under Classic Cookies, the almond butter oatmeal chocolate chip has a great flavor and texture where everything compliments each other instead of overpowering each other.

I’m always hesitant when I see large amount of nut butter used in a recipe because that’s a large fat source. Almond butter is definitely one of the fattier nuts and therefore a fattier nut butter. On prep, fat can be limited, but when careful and strategic you can make things work well. I built my day around breakfast and dessert. So I bit the bullet and said “YES! WE WILL USE THE ASKED FOR AMOUNT OF NUT BUTTER.” I did make two large cookies, so really I could’ve saved myself if I had divided them up further, but what fun would that be? I want to live on the edge!

I have three almond butters in the cabinet: D’s Naturals Brownie Batter, D’s Naturals S’mores and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. I really wanted these cookies to be true to the recipe so I used Justin’s. It was an excellent choice afterall, and for a minute I thought I wasn’t going to use the full 2 tablespoons called for in the recipe – then I realized I promised myself to use it all, so I did.

Notes on this recipe:

  • You will need all of the nut butter and maybe a little extra milk – I added another half tablespoon of cashew milk (what I had on hand) so I could mix and bind into a dough otherwise it was a little beady.
  • I added the chocolate chips after I made the balls. One cookie had them pressed on top and the other had them kneaded in. I found this helpful so that chocolate chips were throughout the cookie – essentially they stay where you place them.
  • I used almond extract instead of vanilla because I thought it would be tasty since it’s an almond butter cookie. You could smell the almond extract when the batter was wrong and it was subtle in taste once the dough was baked.
  • I used maple flavored almond butter and it wasn’t very noticeable once everything was mixed up – I would definitely suggest the maple almond butter. I think another flavored one like the D’s Naturals would take away from the cookie as a whole because those flavors are so dominant.
  • This cookie is just as soft as the peanut butter cookie. You don’t really notice the oats in the texture, which is slightly heartbreaking because I like oatmeal cookies, but it’s a soft, fall apart cookie and all its part compliment each other.

With the very slight modifications and picking out Justin’s Almond Butter, the macros per HUGE cookie are: 11.3F/20.9C/5P.

topped with 1/4 cup (half serving) of salted caramel cluster cashew milk ice cream

The cookie rankings:

  1. Peanut Butter Cookie
  2. Almond Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie
  3. Fudge Brownie Cookie
  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie

<3 Cristina



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