Coming Home Bikini Prep Series: Post 8 “Is it Fall Yet? Where’s My PSL?”

Fun facts:

First day of fall: Thursday, September 22nd – a little more than a month away

First day Starbucks releases the beloved pumpkin spice latte: TBD, but last year was within the first week of September

Massachusetts is in a drought. This week we were given heat advisories throughout the state. Temperatures were in the 90s with a heat index in the low 100s. The humidity ranged from low-70s to mid-90s, but mostly in the 90s.

This week has been all over the place. My workouts were strong and I’m really happy with where they are this block and where they will be going. My workouts aren’t the problem. My nutrition has been kind of eh because my appetite has been shot, the heat can do that to you. The humidity has been the number one factor for making this week miserable. I’m not alone and I know this. Thursday morning was the worst. I woke up at 2:30 unable to fall back asleep, so I got up and started meal prepping veggies because what would I do with the time. At 4:30 I started to get ready for the gym and I was there just before the open. I was 131 pounds when I woke up, 133 after the gym and 132 point something before I went to bed that night. Hydration hit 250 ounces and I monitored my electrolytes so I would get a headache from diluting them through sweating and water consumption. Thursday was the most miserable day.

Now that the bitching is out of the way, the positives this week:

  • I hit my back squat pyramid with the same weight for the second week in a row. 160 pounds felt pretty good.
  • I increased my deadlifts slightly in my lifting pyramid and hit 3×4 for 120 pounds.
  • Macros weren’t terrible all things considering –  I had no appetite and the swelling made me feel sick when I ate – I always hit or came close to my protein goal.
  • I hit at least 10K steps a day, which is 2,500 more than my goals out of competition prep, so for me it’s definitely a challenge.
  • I started Fitbit challenges to engage with, connect and encourage some of my followers and we’ve been having too much fun with the chat feature, there are three running this weekend.
  • I had the chance to meet one of my favorite YouTubers – Yami Mufdi – during a bootcamp she hosted and it was awesome.
  • I finished writing my volume block that I will start week 4.
  • I had the chance to explore a new city and pick up some tasty things that fit my macros.

This morning’s check in was pretty good. Here are some photos that I took from the video I made.

My weight is up 1.2 pounds from last week, but as you’ll see from the lower portion of my stomach, I still have swelling and bloating from the weather. It’s slowly going away and what matter’s is that I’m doing what I need to and trying to accept the things I can’t change – like the weather.

From this front pose, you can see that my abdominals are cooperating, but from my right side (left of this photo), there’s swelling below my belly button and it’s most visible by my hip bones.

This photo shows the swelling better because it is a profile. I’m confident that as the weather gets its shit together that I won’t be holding water as much and the swelling will subside.

My glutes and hamstrings are doing well and I’m continuing to train legs twice a week through this next week of my strength block and into my volume block. I will probably continue to train legs twice a week for all of prep.

I’m mostly ridiculous, but I’m liking what’s happening with my arms. In many cases, I just need to put my arm straight and I can start to see definition, which is exciting. I’m also starting to have slight muscle separation in my legs – another thing that is exciting for me.

Another muscle group that I believe I need to work on for competition in October is my back. I spoke with my friend Ally and she agreed, so I’ve been doing two back days as well and going into my volume block more back exercises focus on the lateral muscles and mid back. I do have loose skin in my lower back, which you will see more in the photo following this, but I think I can definitely make some improvements for this season.

It was a tough week because like I mentioned before the humidity and heat impact me a lot. They impact everyone, but since I’m still healing at only 11 weeks post surgery, it’s a big deal. I’m following my workouts and my nutrition plan, sprinkling some magic and taking a leap of faith. This is going to be a good season even with these challenges.

Someone told me the other day that by sharing my perspective, especially with water retention and swelling it’s been helping them get through the week too. I’m glad that this can put into perspective how crazy the body is. How it can be temperamental and frustrating, but how it can also do amazingly awesome things.

I have 10 weeks until peak week. Tomorrow starts week 3. Bring it on.

Some other photos from my week:

Italian Car Day

Snacks travel

Pancake Monday

I’ve been trying some new BCAAs

I saw the coolest sunset on a walk this week

Waffle Wednesday was excellent

Starbucks remains to be amazing

I may have appreciated my back a few times this week

Square Organics sent me some of their bars to try – Cherry was excellent! *discount information in About section

National S’more’s Day was celebrated in the best way

Thursday breakfast was simple because it was a rough morning


I tried a new treat

I picked up another sugar cookie – plans for Sunday!

This was my weight at the end of the day on Thursday – fluffy as can be

Stuffed peppers for the win

Friday back day was pretty damn good even though I was exhuasted and not feeling the workout

Timehop also reminded me that even with the bloating and swelling, this week is better than week last year. I am far ahead of where I was.


Mint French Meltaway

Flowers I saw at the Prescott Park in Portsmouth

Yami, Me and Lateaka

Saturday night macro cap of Week 2
I hope everyone had a great week. I can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

<3 Cristina

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