Sarah Lynn Fitness Cookie Challenge: Peanut  Butter Cookies

Today started the second week of prep and what better to do on a Sunday than make cookies?  JP is also home so this was a perfect opportunity to make two big cookies in the Healthy Cookie Cookbook.

The second recipe in the classic cookies section was the peanut butter cookie. If you know anything about me, then you know I have a twisted obsession with nut butters. The collection is too large for a normal person (pictured below).

So as you can imagine, the hardest question I had to ask myself was “what nut butter do I use?” Each nut butter has different nutritional value and obviously flavor, so it came down to how much fat do I want these cookies and what flavor would be good to try. I narrowed it down to Honey Chipotle peanut butter and Espresso Nib peanut butter. We decided on Honey Chipotle because we thought the kick the butter has would be interesting.

Notes on this recipe:

  • It’s completely vegan (depending on the protein powder you choose to use) so realistically you could just eat the dough and skip the baking step.
  • I used a basic whey protein in Cookie Dough flavor because it’s not a strong enough flavor to over power the peanut butter.
  • I used cashew milk instead of almond milk because it’s what I buy and I didn’t think it was an issue at all.
  • Surprisingly, I used only 1.5T of peanut butter instead of the 2T the recipe called for. I know I’m shocked too. The peanut butter I choose has a strong flavor so I didn’t think I needed as much, it’s also a thinner nut butter because of the oils that are in it so a little goes a long way! This also helped decrease fat in the overall recipe.


This is an excellent cookie. JP and I scrapped the bowl while they were cooking and I definitely think this is something I could use as an unbaked topping during prep – maybe on my protein ice cream? hmm, there’s a lot of options. But baked it’s soft and I couldn’t tell the difference between this and a standard peanut butter cookie. JP gave it a thumbs up!

The peanut butter is a game changer if you decide to get crazy with your flavor profile. It makes me want to try this recipe with a different flavor each time to see how they are. I think Espresso Nib peanut butter could be good. I also think that the Caramel Pumpkin cashew butter I have could be excellent.

With the slight changes, the macros for 1 cookie: 5F/14.6C/6.4P


I can’t wait to try the next cookie in the book. Maybe later this week to keep me busy once JP goes back home. Nothing wrong with being busy with cookies with macros like these! 

<3 Cristina 


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