Month: August 2016

The Life of a Fit College Student Series: Preparing for the Semester

Reading Time: 6 minutes Trying to juggle being a college student, having a job, and living a healthy lifestyle comes with so many challenges. I am going into my junior year at Duquesne University as a Finance major. I will admit I do have it a little easier because I do commute to campus daily, I don’t live there […]

His Day of Eating: Week 3 of the Reverse Diet 

Reading Time: 5 minutes Since I shared my day of eating and I’m in a cut for competition, I thought I would share JP’s day of eating while he’s reversing into maintenance. It’s a different perspective than from when I was reversing because 1. he’s a man and testosterone is a very helpful hormone for weightloss and muscle development […]

We rudely interrupt your programming…

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ignore the haters they say. They’ll go away eventually.  Then you have those who actively will email you while you’re pleasantly sleeping and dreaming about leg day  It’s not an exaggeration that I get some pretty mean and nasty messages. So here’s one I saw during my morning pre-leg walk.  Enjoy.  <3 Cristina  #hatergonnahatehatehate 

The Life of A Fit College Student Series: The Younger Years

Reading Time: 8 minutes I’ve been writing for a while, before this blog there was another blog. This is my outlet. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine – who I actually met through Instagram asked me about blogging. She said she thought she wanted to share her journey with health, fitness, eating disorders and the endless quest […]