Month: July 2016

Week in Review: The Final Week of the Reverse Diet 

Reading Time: 5 minutes Yesterday closed out the end of an era – the close of the 7th week of my reverse diet post-surgery. I’ve mentioned before that I started a reverse diet into maintenance as soon as the Cutler was finished, but my surgery was scheduled for 3.5 weeks into it. While I was on bed rest my […]

Coming Home Bikini Prep Series: Post 1 “Why I Compete in the NPC”

Reading Time: 4 minutes Next week starts prep and after watching a few prep series vlogs on YouTube, I thought creating a category for this season wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’ve been asked when my next show is and I actually have two in mind for the fall season. The first is the New England Championship in Boston […]

Flexible dieting and prep life: alcohol, cupcakes and Birchtree oh my!

Reading Time: 4 minutes My competition preps have always been flexible, in fact, I started flexible dieting when I started bodybuilding and prepping to compete two years ago. My first prep while macro counting had a cleaner focus because that’s what I thought I needed. My clean focus also meant that I had a dry prep; I’d rather eat […]

I am not…

Reading Time: 6 minutes I talk about this often enough, but I’ll say it again. This adventure started as a blog. My background is in journalism and public relations, and as a professional I missed writing because it’s not in my daily job. Blogging is my outlet and when I got into fitness it made sense to document my […]