Month: June 2016

A Week in Review and Week 3 of the Reverse Diet

Reading Time: 11 minutes Last week was the third week in my reverse diet to maintenance. I’ve already  surpassed the macros that were prescribed when I was 3.5 weeks into my reverse before surgery. It’s pretty damn exciting to see what the body can do when it has proper nutrients. It’s also crazy to see how much food one […]

How I calculate my macros when there’s no concrete information

Reading Time: 4 minutes I get asked all the time how I count macros when I go out to eat. There’s a few ways to answer this. In many states, most chain places are required to post their nutritional information for the public to access. There are a few things that determine if a restaurant qualifies for this requirement. […]

Back into the swing of things: reverse dieting week 2 recap

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nothing has been more exciting in the past few months then receiving an email from my coach with my workouts, macros and feedback of my progress thus far. I think it’s partial validation that in busting my ass in the gym and in the kitchen, but it’s also the excitement of how else I can […]

Post-surgery recap: The first 10 days

Reading Time: 9 minutes Yesterday marked 10 days post-surgery. It’s a solid milestone and it was a really good day. Surprisingly, the difference between my stance from Saturday to Sunday was drastic. I standing much straighter yesterday and I didn’t feel as much pulling, so far this morning, I’m feeling pretty damn good as well. I know healing takes […]