Month: May 2016

Post-op: 4 days out

Reading Time: 4 minutes Well that wasn’t a walk in the park. Sunday I mean. The day started out pretty good. I went to the bathroom for the first time since Thursday, which after a major surgery is a big deal. I think we handled it well. The suit is flexible enough to pee with it on, but you […]

Post-op: 2 days out

Reading Time: 6 minutes While I do yell at technology when it isn’t responding or working the way I want it to, I do appreciate the accessibility from my bed. This is the second day post-surgery and I’m feeling pretty good. It could be the drugs, it could be that reality is setting in, there’s a chance it’s because […]

Found: You Fresh Naturals Carrot Cake Almond and Coconut Muscle Butter 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Over the weekend, I stopped by Vitamin Shoppe because they had a huge sale going on store wide. Sales are truly the best time to try new products. High protein nut butter is something that I see as an investment. A jar has a lot of servings and I better like it if I’m investing […]

A week in review – week 3 of the reverse diet

Reading Time: 8 minutes Yesterday marked the last day of my third week reversing my diet since the Cutler Classic. To say this week was easy would be a lie, but to say it was hard would be a stretch too. At the beginning of the week I was traveling for work. Just like prep, I researched what was […]

Recipe: goat cheese stuffed baked apricots

Reading Time: 3 minutes I had the best time yesterday at the market in Boston. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. It was also the cheapest produce I have ever purchased! I grabbed some necessities like green peppers and asparagus, but I also bought some things that sounded like a good time, such as apricots and […]

Recipe: sweet pumpkin spice butternut squash

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sweet potatoes, pumpkins and squash are essentially relatives, so why not treat them similarly? I understand that many squashes have distinct flavors such as acorn squash being a little more nutty, but butternut squash I believe has a lot of diversity. I’m going out on a limb to say that I think there are two […]