Anyone can have a bad day: my battle with emotional binging

4 thoughts on “Anyone can have a bad day: my battle with emotional binging

  1. Awesome reflections in this post! Glad to see you’re aware of triggers and acknowledge them. It’s the best way to keep them at bay. Also, my wife and I were long distance for a while back when we were dating. It’s definitely no fun not having that person around with all the other stressors of life. Good luck with your show and we wish the best for you with your long distance love!

    1. It definitely took a lot of sorting through to figure out what my triggers were and what foods I turned to for comfort. It’s been over 6 months since I felt the urge to binge so I was really frustrated yesterday. The long distance definitely plays a role in some of the stress especially when we can’t be there for each other physically. It’ll be 2 years long distance this September. I’ve got my fingers crossed that something works out this summer.

      1. We’ll cross our fingers for you, too. We did a year of long distance before I was lucky enough to land a job in her neck of the woods. Hope the same happens for you soon.

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