Year: 2016

You Can Fail and Not Be A Failure, 2017 I’m Coming For You

Reading Time: 8 minutes The past four Decembers I’ve thought about what I wanted to do in the New Year. I’ve thought about what I had already accomplished and how I could build on that. Last year, my goals consisted of competing in my second bikini competition, getting stronger in my lifts and excelling at my job. I entered […]

Measuring With Experience

Reading Time: 5 minutes We all talk about the importance of enjoying the ride. Enjoying the journey as you develop and accomplish goals and figure out how to create some kind of balance in your life. It’s not a 50/50 balance I’m seeking and I think most of you will agree that you’re not looking for that either, but some days 60/40 feels equal or 25/75 gives relief.

I Grabbed What I Could and Tried To Let Go of Things and People

Reading Time: 4 minutes This past week I conducted an experiment. I thought it was a pretty important experiment. I told JP and my therapist about it. I told them both that wanted to show others what my old eating habits looked like in comparison to my current day. I think too many people stumble across my page and […]

Challenge Accepted: Old Me versus New Me

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s Tuesday and that means that our social media feeds will be filled with transformations. I know I’ll be sharing mine. You’ll get the clear visual for many of the transformations, but a few will also make note of mental growth or strength gains that aren’t completely visible. Especially lately, I’ve been trying to look […]

You Are Enough Blog Series: Post 11 “You Are More Than Enough”

Reading Time: 5 minutes You Are Enough. That’s what this series has been called. It started with feeling in between. Feeling that I was in between going through the motions and picking myself up off the ground. Dragging myself out of bed and crying on the kitchen floor. blacking out. flashing back. struggling to be present. be mindful. In […]