Year: 2015

I want to see you be brave

My name is Cristina and I’m just like everyone else. I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve had great successes and great failures. Sometimes I gather my courage and I pretend that I’m brave. I pretend I have confidence because maybe if I pretend enough, I’ll start believing it. Here’s a glimpse at story. The […]

What fuels you?

The other day I was asked what fuels my workouts. My immediate thought was food, food fuels my workouts – Oreo and pancake gains over here. The longer I thought about this I thought of a million different answers. So here are some of the ways I want to answer the question. 1. Fire in […]

Recipe: Modified chicken wing dip stuffed pita

With summer BBQ’s and gatherings over bonfires, there are some treats that you just can’t escape, nor would you want to. For me the list contains s’mores, guacamole, burgers and chicken wing dip. I know I’ve written about chicken wing dip before because I make it at other times of the year for a bunch […]

Recipe: Food Network Magazine’s Moroccan Burger Salad: Modified and Made for One

I love cookbooks, cooking magazines, cooking shows and I have a sad obsession with Pinterest. Last week when I was in the grocery store I found the latest copy of Food Network Magazine. It’s called The All-American Issue so naturally it is loaded with recipes for the summer, BBQs and the beloved burger. There are […]