Month: July 2015

It’s been a damn good week

Reading Time: 3 minutes And by damn good, I mean my food and workouts have been solid. I feel pretty good at my new job and I ventured into the campus gym at the new school. Working at a college has its advantages and getting a workout in on my lunch hour is definitely one of them. It not […]

Weekend roundup

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s been about two weeks since I’ve posted and it has been a busy two weeks! I recently started a new job and I now have a commute. It’s definitely a shock to the system to go from a 5 minute drive to work to a 45 minute drive. It’s an easy drive though and […]

Recipe: Chicken wing dip stuffed pita

Reading Time: 2 minutes With summer BBQ’s and gatherings over bonfires, there are some foods that you can’t escape, nor would you want to. My favorites this time of year are s’mores, guacamole, burgers and chicken wing dip. However, over the years, we’ve started to incorporate some of these throughout the year. I’ve made chicken wing dip a number […]