Month: May 2015

War on S’mores

Yesterday I saw an opinion piece about S’mores. Yep, that’s right – the beloved summertime cookie-like treat that makes you feel like a five-year-old again.     The author was clearly poking fun at the USDA’s suggestion to ditch the sweet treat for a fruit alternative. I kind of agree with him. Regardless of my daily […]

Transitioning from cutting to maintaining…

Saturday I got the shock of being a size 4. While most people would probably say “be happy, be excited, or who cares” mentally for me it was a lot. I’m officially smaller than I was when I started my freshman year of college. I also weigh more and as we all know, the more […]

From the food industry to personal accountability: obesity is everyone’s problem

I had today off and after my morning workout before I started making breakfast, I browsed Netflix to find something to watch while I eat and clean the kitchen. I came across a documentary on my recently added called Fed Up. The documentary, which is narrated by Katie Couric all a about childhood obesity. There […]