Month: July 2014

My Friday night’s include protein and my HRM

After a few moments where I had a breakdown in front of my fridge this morning due to lack of meal prep, I pulled myself together and reminded myself it’s Friday. It’s not just Friday, it’s casual Friday and you have PR’s to hit in the gym today. This got me pumped up for my […]

Pic-spiration: I never thought I would…

I never thought I would run a mile. I never thought I would lose 70 pounds. I never thought I would survive like clean eating. I never thought I could do pull ups. I never thought I could lift weights. I never thought the changes I made to help myself would inspire other people, but […]

What do you eat anyway and how does exercise affect your calorie intake?

After a handful or more talks with some of my co-workers about body building and the lifestyle change made to accommodate it, here’s what you need to know about what I’m eating. It’s understandable that when you tell someone that your eating between 5 -7 times a day they assume you’re consuming a ridiculous amount […]