This one is for Meagan and #100happydays catch-up

Today’s post is dedicated to someone I didn’t even know I had the opportunity to influence, but I guess that’s what makes social media so special. We can connect to so many and touch so many lives without realizing we’re doing it at all.

Meagan started #100HealthyDays, similar to #100HappyDays, but she’s truly focusing on her health. She does shakeology and is on her way to become a master to food prep, but I want her to remember a few things that I have to remind myself all the time:

1. Change is slow, so don’t discouraged

I have the hardest time with this, mostly because I love immediate results. Being healthy isn’t about immediacy, it’s about maintaining and time. You have to give yourself time to adjust to all of the changes you’re making and you have give yourself time to see the changes taking effect. This could be why I take so many selfies, it’s really the best way to see change- side by side comparison.

2. It’s okay to mess up every now and then

We have busy schedules, we get sick, we’re tired and while we think we’re super heroes, we’re not. You’re going to eat a donut just because or forget food prep one night. It happens and you can’t beat yourself up over the mistakes.  We don’t diet for a short time, we make a lifestyle change and we’re learning every day. I have definitely eaten a piece of cake for breakfast because I caved to my stress, but I’ve also eaten clean and I know what the two can do for my body.

3. If you’re tired, it’s okay to sleep

After a long work week or a long day at work, it’s okay to skip the gym once or twice. I’m not saying you should skip it all 7 days because you’re tired, but there are times when going to the gym and working out when you’re tired isn’t good for your body. You could injure yourself when you’re not paying attention. Sometimes yoga in the living room is a good choice.

4. Almond butter should be eaten in moderation

Yeah, I’m still getting the hang of this one.

5. Organic isn’t always better, watch your wallet

If you eat the skin, then go organic. If you cut the skin off, then it’s doesn’t matter much- depending on what it is. Organic can mean a number of things and it’s not always the best option. Watch your wallet, check for sale and buy in bulk. Clean, cut and freeze what you can- you will save so much more money and eating healthy won’t be as hard.


Also, here’s today’s #100HappyDays post. I talked about my career the other day, and in general in I LOVE my job, but these two students made it so much more amazing this academic year. Today was their graduation, so naturally we took a selfie backstage before they presented on stage :]



Day 12: I love my students. They work hard and make me excited to do my job, even though there are ups and downs I am so proud of them for everything they did this year. $26,906.42 and counting. 41% of the class. #wpi #100happydays #happinessdoesntcomeinajar #philanthropy #students #highered #ilovemyjob #careermove

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