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Hey there! I’m Cristina and #thisis30.

This blog was to help me document my journey through weight loss, but that journey ended and others began. Since I started blogging almost a decade ago and writing about my health a lot has changed. This site is now a place for it all – education, recipes, sharing my life with you.

I’d be lying if I said that numbers didn’t help guide me or that there aren’t some numbers I find important now. The numbers that carry weight for me have changed.

The scale used to be my tool of choice, but now it’s about how much weight I can get on the bar and lift. It’s also about my confidence in my choices, the boundaries I set and how I use my voice. I recognize that it took a lot for me to get to this place and that’s ok.

Photography by Christine Olivia Photography

I’ve had extreme weight gain, I’ve had extreme weight loss, I’ve competed as a bikini competitor and placed, I’ve cardio’d my heart out, I fell in love with lifting, I’ve experimented with different eating styles. I was diagnosed with binge eating disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in my early 20s related to childhood trauma.

My health story isn’t just physical and I know yours isn’t either.

My name here has become a metaphor – physically running and running to new places and having new experiences.

After leaving my career in higher education, I obtained my associate’s in public health because I wanted to have a foundation of health sciences that I knew I wouldn’t get through a certification. I also have a master’s in nonprofit management from Northeastern University, which helped enhance my program development and resource management skills I used in higher education.

I’m an ACE certified health coach and fitness nutrition specialist. In my practice, I focus primarily on behavior change because I truly believe that underneath everything our mental health is our foundation for being capable of making and executing healthy choices.

I’m currently focusing on prerequisites towards my application for a master’s in public health focusing in nutrition or dietetics.

I’m a proponent for thorough and diverse health education that helps build connections for my clients so they can get involved and take ownership of their journeys with me as a partner.